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What is ActivTrak?

Team Behaviour Analytics Software

Get a bigger picture of organisational efficiency and security with ActivTrak’s low-key tracking agent and analytic dashboard fully supported by J2 Software.


Comprehensive, unbiased data

ActivTrak’s invisible Agent tracks and measures work activity without relying on human input. This unbiased dataset includes usernames, application title bars, website URLs, activity duration, screenshots, idle time and USB activity.


Make decisions with confidence. App and website usage logs help you determine how many licenses you really need.

Productivity Reports highlight when the organization as a whole becomes less productive. Identify what the catalyst was.

Analyze activities from week to week, month to month, and year to year to discover optimal scheduling and find ways to reduce the number of labor hours needed for the same level of output.


Alarms trigger when pre-defined conditions are met. Activities like USB file transfers, IP address connections, and website or application access can all be monitored for suspicious behavior.

React to potential threats with screenshots, email notifications to the account administrator, popup messages to device users, and application termination on the device that triggered the alarm.

With those screenshots, you are likely to capture sensitive data. Keep it secret from anyone that may have access to your screenshots using screenshot image redaction.


Without looking over someone’s shoulder, it’s impossible to know how work is being completed. ActivTrak is the unobtrusive method for analyzing employee activities and displaying them visually.

Top users reports help you identify and recognize hard-working employees. The data serves as a trackable and measurable indicator of career growth for each employee.

Take a look at each person’s level of engagement with the Alarm Risk meter and investigate those in danger of becoming disengaged.


Respect privacy by setting tracking schedules for users based on their work hours. Or, turn off tracking altogether on specific machines. Track activities at an individual or group level. Creating groups makes it easy to compare one team to another.

What can I use it for?

ActivTrak is an incredibly flexible program with endless possible benefits which increase productivity.
Workforce Management

Workforce Management


Operational Efficiency

Insider threat detection

Insider Threat Detection

Productivity Analysis


Invisible Tracking Agent With Remote Deployment

Words when hovered over : ActivTrak’s Tracking Agent is what you install on the device you wish to collect data from. It requires no lengthy installation and no adjustments to your network.

Easy-to-read Dashboard

ActivTrak’s easy-to-read dashboard is designed to give you a high-level overview of the activity on all of your monitored devices.

Capture User Screens

Screenshots make it possible for an administrator to see exactly what the device user sees by capturing everything visible on the screen.

Screenshot Flagging

With Screenshot Flagging, we’ve taken the manual work out of searching for explicit content. One click of a button quickly brings all NSFW activity to the top of your page.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Real-Time Data Monitoring is a method of observing and analyzing different types of data as it is being accessed, manipulated and viewed by another party. This can be done in a number of ways, like with a screenshot tool.

ActivTrak Alarms

Alarms are pre-defined conditions, that when met, can trigger actions like screenshots, email notifications to the account administrator, a popup message to the device user and application termination on the device that triggered the alarm.

USB Tracking

ActivTrak’s USB Detection provides a way for you to protect your proprietary information and safeguard your company from insider threats.

Other Additions

  • Risk Scoring

  • Reports
  • Website Blocking

  • Scheduled Monitoring

  • Account Settings

  • Raw Data Access

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