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How smart are smart homes really

Connected consumer and business products have begun flooding the market, but security remains an afterthought. Cybercriminals are always on the prowl to access smart devices like wireless security cameras, smart TVs, baby cameras, smart speakers, smartphones or tablets.

johnThe plethora of connected gadgets introduced to homes over the past decade has opened new doors for cybercriminals. Every connected gadget increases the risk of being hacked and not having a firewall is the same as leaving the house door wide open.

Higher levels of security are a necessity in a connected age, where our cars, homes and money are all connected and controlled by computers and IoT devices. The stakes are also much higher now with hackers attacking not only our bank accounts, but our cars and homes too.

Consumers need to figure out how to secure these connected things.


Firewalls could be daunting to operate, but smart firewalls like Firewalla are easy to use and can be the new front door of your digital home. It provides visibility and control of all of digital things in one place. Firewalla automatically alerts and protects you from all of these cyber threats, providing peace of mind in the digital world.

Parental control

Solutions like Firewalla also let parents see what their children are doing on their phones, laptops and tablets. You’ll know whether they’re playing games, doing their homework, or going somewhere they shouldn’t. You won’t have to pull the power cord on that dusty router to limit access.


Firewalla will actively detect problems and automatically block them if necessary. It has a built-in VPN server to automatically protect your privacy when you’re on the road, at a coffee shop, or wherever you go.

Deep insight

Home networks are growing exponentially, both in the number of devices and the complexity of connecting them. The first step to securing these devices is to understand and get insight into what each device is doing. Firewalla can closely observe all the traffic entering or exiting the network.

Trust but verify

When you bring a new device into your home it can be difficult to know if it is trustworthy. Nice packaging does not guarantee trustworthiness. Many of us love the convenience of cameras, home assistants, and other IoT devices because they can make our lives a lot easier.

These devices have unparalleled access to our personal data, so it is important to use them safely. Without being a programmer and having access to the code in every app we use, we can only use observation to determine how cautious to be about an app or IoT device.

Intrusion prevention

Firewalla has a unique cloud-based behaviour analytics engine that utilises deep insight at the network flow level and actively monitor and detect suspicious connections. Suspicious connections are categorised into different levels. For the ones that are very sure to be 'bad', Firewalla will automatically block the connection. Otherwise, an alert is raised and the user is given the choice to decide whether to block or not.

Active protect is not just happening at home. When you are on the road or in coffee shops, if you surf by connecting to the Firewalla VPN server at home, you will be automatically protected as well.

Safety first

If you have concerns about network security at your home or small business office, Firewalla is an excellent solution to put those fears to rest. It is easy to set up and monitor, it’s relatively inexpensive and it provides a wide range of functions to keep your network safe. Firewalla just works, plug it in and away it goes.

Originally published on Hi-Tech Security Solutions

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