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Preventing Account Takeover for 2+ Billion Accounts

SpyCloud combines the world’s largest database of breach assets with automated remediation of exposed passwords to scale account takeover prevention for global enterprises.

Winning the Fight Against Threat Actors

Despite executing the “best” cybersecurity practices and investing in a plethora of data breach prevention and threat intelligence solutions, you haven’t stopped attackers using compromised identity data against your business.

There are thousands of security vendors in the market and over a $130B is spent annually on defence and yet the number of breaches continue to rise. More credentials and PII are compromised and shared between malicious actors, who are perpetrating more dangerous and damaging attacks than ever.

It sounds hopeless – but it doesn’t have to be. Cybersecurity requires a layered, constantly evolving defence to protect your data, your users’ identities, and your bottom line, but your current program might have an effectiveness problem. The answer isn’t more tools that require headcount to operationalize and manage, or password policies that employees and customers circumvent.

Threat actors don’t break in - They login

Your employees break the rules, make mistakes and can easily be compromised. They reuse passwords across accounts outside of corporate control. Your customers do the same and you have no visibility into it. You’re chasing a problem that you know is there, but you can’t see it.

This means that your greatest security threat might be someone else’s breach.

Weak, stolen and reused credentials are the fuel for data breaches, account takeover and online fraud. Your biggest security risk is a breach on a network outside of your control that leaks the credentials of your users.

Actually Actionable Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence feeds are reactive, but protecting your enterprise requires quick action enabled by fresh data. SpyCloud lets you respond immediately to stolen employee and customer credentials, locking criminals out of vulnerable accounts.

Real Risk Reduction Without More Resources

With SpyCloud, there’s no need to invest in your own research team or use valuable employees’ time for ATO threat assessment, data collection and curation, remediation and reporting. Our solutions provide a greater level of risk reduction than most organizations can achieve on their own.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Our customers benefit from the reduction of time, cost and resources spent to remediate compromises, while their customers get proactive protection from identity theft, fraud and negative experiences.

SpyCloud: Account takeover prevention at scale with automated remediation that protects your users, your brand reputation, and your bottom line.

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